Bootstrapping Microservices

with Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions and Terraform

A practical guide to building with microservices, starting with a single microservice and going all the way to a multi-microservices applicaiton running in production on Kubernetes.

By Ashley Davis

Build a microservices application from scratch, layer by layer, learning one tool at a time

This book teaches the tools and techniques you need

Bootstrapping Microservices has helped thousands of developers build their first microservices applications.

The fully revised second edition introduces the industry-standard tools and practical skills you’ll use for every microservices application. Friendly advice and guidance from author Ashley Davis helps you make pragmatic choices that will cut down the learning curve for Docker, GitHub Actions, Terraform, and Kubernetes.

In this book you’ll get hands-on experience with microservices development skills like:

  • Creating, configuring, and running a microservice with Node.js
  • Building and publishing a microservice using Docker
  • Using automated testing
  • Running a microservices application in development with Docker Compose
  • Deploying microservices to a production Kubernetes cluster
  • Implementing infrastructure as code and setting up a continuous delivery pipeline
  • Monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting

The Technology

Taking a microservices application from proof of concept to production is a multi-step operation that relies on tools like Docker, GitHub Actions, Terraform, and Kubernetes. The best way to learn the whole process is to build a project from the ground up. That’s exactly what you’ll do in this book!

The Book

Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions, and Terraform, Second Edition is a guide to microservices and cloud-native distributed applications. It demystifies technical choices and gives you a clear, comprehensive approach to building microservices.

In it, you’ll learn how to configure cloud infrastructure with Terraform, package microservices using Docker, create continuous delivery (CD) pipelines with GitHub Actions, and deploy your finished project to a Kubernetes cluster. As you go, you’ll build your own video streaming application to see how everything fits together in a complete application.

This fully revised new edition contains new coverage of continuous delivery with GitHub Actions and expanded coverage of Kubernetes, including an easy guide to Kubernetes deployment along with guidance for implementing infrastructure as code.

Examples are in JavaScript, but the code is simple and easy to read, so anyone with previous coding experience should be able to read it and get the gist. No experience with microservices, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions, Terraform, or Docker required.

The Author

Ashley Davis is a software craftsman and author with over 25 years of experience in software development — from coding, to managing teams, to founding companies. He has worked for a range of companies, from the tiniest startups to the largest internationals. Along the way, he has contributed back to the community through his writing and open source coding. He is also the creator of Data-Forge Notebook, a desktop application for exploratory coding and data visualization using JavaScript and TypeScript.
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